Giles is showing his new video FREE REACTIONS as part of LUX13 Critical Forum's How Does The Group Function?

LUX13 Critical Forum Exhibition, Publication and Screenings 2014

Resolution Way,

LUX13 Private view: How Does The Group Function? Oct 31st – 6pm
Exhibition: Nov 1-22st (open Wed-Sat 12-6pm)

How Does The Group Function? is both the title and the area of investigation for LUX13’s group show at Enclave. The exhibition includes many new works and a comprehensive publication that expands on this central, unifying theme.


LUX13 Critical Forum was formed initially as a monthly discussion group for artists who work with the moving image, to talk about ideas and practice in a mutually supportive environment and in dialogue with LUX.
LUX13 comprises of 15 artists, working with a range of ideas and themes, within multiple social and cultural contexts.

The artists are: Katriona Beales, Giles Bunch, Jackie Castellano, Sarah Filmer, Katherine Fishman, Patrick Goddard, Liz Helman, Christopher Matthews, Katharine Meynell, Kim L Pace, Samuel Playford-Greenwell, Annelore Schneider (as collectif_fact), Vanessa Scully, Nicola Stephanie, Neasa Terry


·LUX13 Publication Launch and Performance night: Nov 14th, 6-8pm, Enclave

·Artist day: Nov 15th, 12-6pm, Enclave
Come and meet some of the LUX13 artists involved in the exhibition.


·November 3rd, 7pm, LUX13, part of Southampton Film Week
Venue: Sonar Cinema, Solent University
More info:

·November 6th, 7pm, LUX13 and Film Material Soup
Venue: Trinity Laban, Creekside, London SE8 3DZ
LUX13 Critical Forum’s contribution consists of 3 minutes films made by each member in response to a phrase or word provided by another person in the group. Subsequently, these films have been screened at Arcadia Missa, London, Millenium, New York. This is the London viewing of a joint screening by LUX13 and Film Material Soup at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester in October.

·November 21st, 7pm, Glasgow and Dublin LUX Critical Forum groups
Venue: Trinity Laban, Creekside, London SE8 3DZ
LUX13 Critical Forum invited the other LUX Critical Forums based in Glasgow & Dublin to repeat the experiment of the 3 minutes films and respond to a phrase or word provided by someone else in the group.
The LUX13 Critical Forum Exhibition and Publication have been made possible by the support of Arts Council England.

KLOKWERK - Episode Six will be available in the coming weeks on The Printernet's Bandcamp page.
Catch up with the fifth instalment of this epic saga below...

Episode Five: The Mystery of Karl's Movable Muscles.

Tension is mounting! Karl is drowning, Ralf is yelling about his tomatoes, again. And The Captain is preparing himself for the battle of his lifetime!